Laying Your Network Cables


Before laying the cables of your network cables, you will need to plan the possible data points needed around your home as well as how the cables can be run more efficiently.

  • ◆  Plan and lay the cables along the ceiling edges of your home.
  • ◆  Estimate the number of data points required in each room.
  • ◆  Construct these data points at the required area of the room. E.g behind the television, game console etc.


Plan the cables in a way most efficient to the various areas of your home:

You would also be able to enjoy the benefits of home structured cabling if you plan for it early at the stage of renovation.


Benefits of installing structured cabling while you renovate your home:


  • ◆  To conceal wiring – Laying network cables concealed within your home furnishing would prevent unsightly cables from spoiling the aesthetics of your home.
  • ◆ For safety measures – Concealed wiring would prevent you from tripping on the wiring and from having exposed cables around your home.
  • ◆  Future proof your home – Structured cabling allows for higher flexibility in connecting to other digital devices in the future as you will just need to plug the device into the data point to connect for access.




We are working on phone lines are as below:


  • ◆  Install a Phone Jack
  • ◆  Replacing Phone Jack
  • ◆  Add Phone Extension

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